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Universal Card - 10 hours of rentals (SUP, single kayak, or tandem kayak), just $150!
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Kayak Lessons

Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards in San Diego, California is first and foremost a kayak school offering comprehensive kayaking lessons and instruction.

Led by Jen Kleck, one of the top sea kayaking coaches in the country, our instructors are trained and certified to the high standards of the British Canoe Union (BCU).

We provide a sound foundation for any type of kayaking you might want to do, from enjoyable recreational outings, to adventurous sea kayaking expeditions, whitewater kayaking, kayak surfing, and rock garden paddling. No other school in southern California offers the breadth of experience, knowledge, and ability that we do!

Our kayak lessons are great preparation for our kayaking trips and tours.

Learn 2 Kayak

Learn 2 KayakIf you've been wanting to try kayaking, or have done it a few times and want to know more, here's everything you need to know to get started!

We'll discuss the differences, advantages, and applications of all the various types including sit-on-top, recreational, and touring kayaks, then show you the basics of safe and effective paddling technique in user-friendly sit-on-top kayaks.  You'll get lots of hands-on instruction and practice. 

In a couple of hours, you'll know more than you thought possible!

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Paddle with Your Dog (Intro)

Paddle With Your DogYour dog probably spends most of his or her time at home alone. Hobbies and activities that involve your dog can enrich both your lives!

Your dog needs both physical and mental stimulation and there's nothing like a kayak or SUP excursion to Fiesta Island to meet those needs! This clinic helps you introduce your pup to kayaks and SUPs in a way that will ensure enjoyment and success for all! You can bring your dog, or just come to learn so you know how to make your dog's first outing awesome!

We'll talk about appropriate vessels for you and your dog, show you how to keep everyone safe and comfortable, and go for a short outing.

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Sea Kayaking Basics

Sea Kayaking BasicsDiscover how fun and easy sea kayaking can be! These kayaks are sleek, fast, and well suited to almost any body of water.  You'll never go back to your sit-on-top!

We'll cover safe and effective techniques for propulsion, steering, and capsize prevention, plus capsize recovery, while focusing on kayaking safety so you can rent sit-inside kayaks and explore independently with confidence. We'll open up a whole new world of fun on the water to help you experience San Diego as never before!

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Sea Kayaking 1

Sea Kayaking 1Sea kayaks are fast, sleek, maneuverable, sea worthy, and FUN!

They can take you places you can't get to in any other way, show you the world from a unique perspective, and get you closer to nature than you ever thought possible. Almost anyone can sea kayak, so join us for an introduction to this wonderful adventure with our expert instructors. Graduates will be qualified to rent decked (sit-inside) sea kayaks in calm, protected water, to participate in many of our guided trips, and to take higher level classes.

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Sea Kayaking 2

Sea Kayaking 2We’ll build on what we learned in Sea Kayaking 1, unlocking the body-boat-blade connection as we focus on stroke technique, bracing, balance, and edging for increased control of your kayak.

We’ll also review capsize recovery techniques. These important foundation skills are the stepping stone for surf zone, open ocean, and beyond. We'll introduce basic navigation, calm water trip planning, and group awareness as we take a kayaking journey around Mission Bay and add some new safety skills to the mix too!

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Capsize Recovery

Capsize RecoveryThis is an essential course for anyone wishing to paddle a sit-inside kayak!  If you've been paddling sit-on-tops, or have purchased or wish to purchase a sit-inside kayak, or simply want to be able to rent our fleet of quality touring kayaks, this is the class for you!

We'll learn assisted and solo recovery techniques, proper use of spray skirts, and discuss important safety concepts.

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Private Instruction

Private InstructionWe offer private coaching by our best instructors for any skill level for those who prefer one-on-one kayak instruction or have scheduling constraints.

This is also a perfect option for experienced paddlers who want to focus on a specific skill or technique, or who have plateaued in their development.

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Kayak Roll

Kayak RollThe kayak roll is indisputably the best way to recover a kayak from a capsize!

While every whitewater kayaker knows the importance of a kayak roll, it's an important technique for sea kayakers as well! Aside from the tremendous sense of accomplishment you'll get from learning to roll, you'll find that skills like bracing and edging your kayak improve as well. This one technique can provide the confidence you need to push all your skills to the next level!

We teach this skill by appointment in 1 hour increments in Mission Bay. Instructor to student ratio is 1:2 max. Note that while the roll is very easy to perform once you've learned it, it is an extremely complex and difficult skill to master.  It is also fatiguing to learn.  Consequently, many students see the best results with several 1 hour sessions spaced a handful of days apart.

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Kayak Certification

Kayak CertificationWe offer certification of your kayaking skills through the British Canoe Union - the most highly regarded governing body of paddlesports world wide!

Certifications provide an excellent framework for your development as a skilled paddler, as well as motivation to acheive goals, and are a great way to demonstrate your skill level if you want to attend a tour or rent a kayak during your travels.

Check the links below to learn the basics, then give us a call to discuss the details!  We schedule certification courses based on demand.

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Our tour and lesson prices INCLUDE a 10% fee collected by the City of San Diego to maintain and improve Mission Bay Park.

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