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Aqua Adventures is your San Diego Paddleboarding center...

Waterfront Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Rentals for all ability levels

Beginner and intermediate SUP Lessons. First time? No problem! Let us show you how easy it is to walk on water!

Stand Up Paddleboards, paddles, and accessories for sale.

SUP is great for cruising, fitness, and all-around family fun. Try out SUP! It's a simple sport with a unique perspective!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

stand up paddle board yoga sunsetStand up paddleboarding is a fast growing and fun water sport.  It's easier than most people think, and there are a huge variety of supDolphinsways to enjoy it - from family fun with the kids and the dogs, to racing, surfing, yoga and fitness, fishing, coastal cruising, and more!  Some of the biggest benefits of SUPing: requires minimal equipment (board, paddle, leash, lifejacket), easy to use, provides fitness benefits at any level, extremely versatile, great wildlife viewing platform.

Types of boards: There are only a few basic categories of boards, but many choices within each category.  At Aqua Adventures, we have researched many brands and have chosen boards that represent exceptional value for our customers.  We stock models for cruising and all around paddling that suit almost every paddler and purpose.  Come on in to talk to our knowledgeable staff and try our boards out!  If you're brand new to SUP, keep reading to learn the basics!

1) All around boards: These are equally at home cruising flat water and surfing small to moderate waves.  These boards tend to be very supfISHstable and have a wide profile nose to tail, as well as a flat deck which make them perfect choices for the family and yoga.  They range from 10-12 feet long and 30-34 inches wide.

2) Touring/Racing boards: These pointy-nosed boards cut through rough water and have a lot of "glide" which make them fast!  They tend to be more narrow than other boards and often have a peaked fore-deck to shed water which make them less suitable for kids and dogs as passengers. They range from 11-14+ feet long and 26-29 inches wide

3) Surf specific boards: Like traditional surf boards, these come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit the surfer and the types of waves they are surfing.  (Aqua Adventures doesn't sell surf specific SUPs and we recommend a reputable surf shop to help you choose an appropriate board.)

General board characteristics:

family SUPLength: longer boards are likely to have a higher top speed, but may take more strength to paddle them fast.  They may be more stable and are likely to accommodate more weight.  In general they are less maneuverable than shorter boards.  Kids and petit paddlers should consider boards 11' or shorter.  Racers may want to choose 12'6" or 14' boards to compete in the "stock" racing divisions, but "unlimited" paddlers may be racing on custom built boards up to 19' long!

Width: In general, the wider, the more stable, but width also reduces speed, so don't choose more stability than you need!  AnysupRace board 32" wide or more, is going to be pretty stable, but you might choose an inch or two more if you're going to be taking the kids, or big dogs, or if you're very tall.  Petit paddlers will have a harder time reaching the water on a very wide board and will be better off with one 32" or less.

Thickness: Thickness also affects stability - thicker boards are more stable.  Thicker boards also accommodate more weight.  Boards are typically 4-6" thick.

Board construction: The specifics can be very complex and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but there are several basic types of construction.

SUP fitnessRotomolded plastic: These are a hollow shell of plastic made the way most sit-on-top kayaks are made.  They tend to be very heavy and a bit on the slow side.  Their biggest advantage is their durability.  Most of this type are made by kayak manufacturers and many models cross-over as kayaks too.

Inflatable: These boards are easy to store and transport.  Most come in a bag or backpack for carrying.  They inflate in minutes, are durable

Composite: The bulk of SUP models have a foam core covered with plastic skins, or  layers of woven fabrics (like fiberglass and carbon) made hard with resins (like epoxy).  Every manufacturer has a different "recipe" as they balance durability/strength, cost, and weight. 

SUP types

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