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Rental Information

Beach Party Rentals

Please be sure you understand and agree to all of our policies.  We will be delivering expensive equipment for the use of your group and we can only maintain our very affordable pricing if we adhere to the following policies.

  1. Reservations.  Reservations must be paid in full to secure your party delivery.
  2. Damage deposit. We need 1 person who will provide a credit card number and who will sign a document guaranteeing replacement cost of any items damaged, lost, or stolen between delivery and pick-up of your party.  While not required, we reccommend that this person is present at the party, and also serves as our "Onsite Primary Contact" (see below).
  3. Onsite Primary Contact.  This person (or persons) will meet the delivery, acknowledge receipt of items, and will receive important paperwork as well as an orientation on equipment care and use.
  4. Liability Waivers. Every person who uses a kayak or SUP must sign a liability waiver.  Minors must have a parent or guardian sign one for them.  These will be provided to the Primary Contact who is responsible to make sure group members sign them so they can be collected by staff upon pickup.

Your San Diego Beach Party

Now you can have an amazing beach party delivered for you in Mission Bay!

We can deliver just a couple of kayaks and SUPs to keep the crowd happy, or we can deliver everything to make your family reunion, work party, etc the best ever!

Build a package that suits your group and budget that can include: kayaks and SUPs; and a box of games (bocci ball, badminton, croquette, frisbee, buckets and water guns for the kids for a fabulous day at the beach! The best part, is we take it all away for you too! Skip the hassles and have a great day at the beach the way summer in San Diego is supposed to be!


We can deliver basic packages almost anytime, but for a large package, please choose one of the following time slots:

9:00am - 1:00pm Start early, enjoy easy parking, have lunch. Of course your group can stay and enjoy the beach as long as they want, but we'll take away your party toys and clean-up your trash at 1pm.
11:00am - 4:00pm Start off with lunch and then stay and enjoy an afternoon of fun on the beach! This time choice gives your group an extra hour with the party equipment.
3:00pm - 7:00pm Enjoy some afternoon fun on the beach and then enjoy a BBQ dinner before sunset.

At this time, we're only able to accommodate one party per time slot, so reserve early!

A La Carte Pricing

Use this guide to build your own package, or choose one of ours for our best pricing. Our minimum order for delivery is $140.

Tandem Kayak $70 kayak, 2 paddles, 2 seats, 3 PFDs (2 adult, 1 child)
SUP $70 SUP, paddle, leash, adult PFD (ask if you want a child's PFD too)
Game box $70 a variety of games for adults and kids including selections from the following: badminton, volleyball, bocci ball, croquette, smashball, water blasters, frisbee