Mission Bay Whale Watching with Offshore Blue Adventures

At Offshore Blue Adventure they use a zodiak boat for watching marine life to provide a personal and unforgettable experience. San Diego offers amazing opportunities for close encounters, and with Offshore Adventure they’ll get you as close as you can get! Because of our unique location, and the zodiaks unique versatility, they can get you out to the open ocean twice as fast as some of their competitors. Once out on the ocean you’ll get to view the glorious San Diego marine life from an intimate vantage point of gray, fin whales, humpback, and even blue whales!

In addition to whales, there are sea lions, birds, and large pods of dolphins that call the San Diego coast home. Bottle nose, Pacific white sided, Risso’s and common dolphins can be seen year round!

Say goodbye to the crowds and hello to a smaller, more personalized experience, where everyone has a front row seat. So step aboard and let the adventure begin!

3hr Whale & Dolphin Watching

Our 3 Hour Tour takes you out to see nature’s largest, most magnificent animals; the great whales. We will also see dolphins, sea lions, seals and more! $85.00 for adults/ $70.00 for children 12 & under. No toddlers under 3 or infants.

Coastal Birdwatching Excursions

San Diego coastal waters are a treasure trove of bird sightings for both the novice and experienced birders alike. Our 2 hour trip will take you on a cruise through Mission Bay to the salt water marshes.

Private Tours

There is always something special happening along the San Diego Coast, and in Mission Bay, whether it is the Crew Classic races or great fireworks displays, and we can put you in an exclusive front row seat.